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The Sting philosophy

Born in the eighties, The Sting is a concept in the Dutch fashion world. We have also set foot in Belgium, Germany and England. We are extremely proud of this. The Sting arose from the sixties, a time when there were many boutiques, when young people searched for freedom and when pop music was immensely popular. This is what created The Sting, and that is what we continue to cherish.

The name derives from the homonymic 1972 film. A classic. Humour, sassy, mischievous and smart describe this film perfectly. This you can still identify in our stores and the people. We are unique with a particular vision and image. Fun, striving for the best and no nonsense are core values that make the culture for The Sting so great.

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Mike - Employer Branding Marketeer



Sandra - Marketing & E-commerce

Working for The Sting

Working for The Sting, what’s that like? Well, that’s simple. We do everything based on our three core values: fun, striving for the best and no nonsense. Therefore, it is never dull within The Sting. We keep on surprising our customers and our employees. We look to the future and play with the latest trends. We greet our customers with a sincere smile, and our mission is to make them leave with a big smile. We hope to have surprised them with our service and collection so we can sweep them off their feet!

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Max en Rob - Logistics